The Shipping News

We receive rims for repair from all over the U.S. and Canada. If you're not close enough to visit us here in Massachussetts, you can still take advantage of our world-class repair service. Here are some tips for shipping your rims to us for repair:

1) Have the tire taken off locally, unless it is necessary for us to see the tire. Shipping charges are usually by weight, and a tire adds a large amount of weight to the shipment. If you must ship a rim to us with a tire mounted, the best way is usually to deflate the tire, cut out cardboard circles the size of the wheel, and tape them securely to the front and back of the rim, wrapping the tape around the entire package.

2)Pack the rim in a box just slightly larger than the rim. Use newspaper or cardboard strips to pack around the rim and prevent it from moving in the box.

3) Print out our shipping invoice, fill it out and place it inside the box or in an envelope taped to the outside. Alternatively, write down at least your name, address and daytime phone number along with any instructions for what you would like done to your wheel, and tape the instructions to the wheel or box.


Our shipping address is:
Rim And Wheel Works
50 Sun St.
Waltham, MA. 02453

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