November 2006 Happy Holidays!
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Nokian Snow Tires:

Your life depends on your tires and wheels. And with the type of winter the Farmers Almanac has predicted, were going to need both snow and ice tires because of both the frosty temperature and the precipitation. The first major east coast storm is predicted for November 12th to 15th. Yikes!

We have recommended Nokian Hakkapelliita snow and ice tires for many years now. Why? Because they are simply the best in the world. Nokian tires are from Finland and carry the Finish governments severe service emblem, meaning that they are designed and built to the most rigorous set of standards of any winter tire available.

Hakkapelliita tires combine several technical advances to create the best snow and ice tires available. The patented siping pattern, or grooves cut into the tread, are designed to allow the tread to flex and grip snowy surfaces with the equivalent of hundreds of tiny teeth for an almost sticky ride even under the worst conditions. The deep tread channels water efficiently to prevent loss of grip on wet roads, and unlike most snow tires which run loudly on dry roads, the revolutionary tread pattern and rubber compound are nearly as quiet as summer tires!

Not only do we recommend Nokian tires, we use them ourselves. Inas Saab has a set of Hakka 2s as does our shop truck. Meri likes the WR all-season tires for her Prius, and Ina wants to try them out next!

Nokians are built in an environmentally friendly manner, substituting canola oil for most petroleum based oils. Amazingly enough, Nokian also claims that their revolutionary rubber compound tends to increase gas mileage, and we have found this to be true.

Please call us for size and pricing information. We like to keep our customers safe!

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Our first anniversary in our new home!

From Ina and the Team:

Weve just celebrated our 1st anniversary in Waltham and are about to begin our 15th year in business! Weve settled wonderfully into our new and much larger space. Because of the space weve been able to organize our 1600 used wheels into sets for anyone who needs an inexpensive set of winter wheels. Were taking $10 off each wheel when you buy a set of 4 or 5 used or reconditioned wheels.

The Boston chapter of the BMW Car Club of America graced us with their presence at our tech session on Saturday, October 14th. It is always a pleasure to have a group of knowledgeable enthusiasts in the shop! In addition to a demonstration of wheel straightening and a verbal description of motorcycle wheel straightening, we had some fabulous discussions about such topics as winter wheels and tires, cold roller straightening technology and motorcycle wheel straightening. The BMW CCA offers autocross, driving schools, educational and social events, For more information on the Boston chapter, use the link below.

BMW CCA Boston Chapter

Also, our new venture,, is coming soon! Many of you have experienced the frustration of not being able to find an aftermarket wheel once discontinued, a rare OEM wheel, a motorcycle wheel or tire. allows people to list both for sale and wanted all of the above (aftermarket, rare OEM and Motorcycle wheels and all tires).

The Directory at will be a place where companies can advertise what wheels and tires they sell by brand. That will allow you, the consumer, to know who in the local area or on the internet sells the brands you want at the best price.

Winter Wheel Sets:

With the price of new rims heading into the stratosphere, (New alloy rims average $400-$500!) we continue to offer both used and reconditioned rims for our customers. Our reconditioned rims, starting at $175, have been restraightened to factory specs and completely refinished with original paint colors, while our used rims have been fully restraightened but not refinished and start at $110 apiece.. Moving into our new and larger space has given us the chance to find the best of our huge used wheel inventory and put them together into sets. These sets are perfect for anyone looking for high-quality, inexpensive winter wheels. We also have many sets of reconditioned wheels and we can order almost any wheel ever made! Any used wheels we have in stock can be reconditioned for you as well.

As winter approaches, we are taking $10 of the price of each wheel with sets of 4 or 5, for savings of up to $50 off our already low prices for used and reconditioned rims. We will be putting many sets up for sale at our website or please give us a call to see what we can do for your car.

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