Motorcycle Wheel Straightening

Yes, we now straighten motorcycle wheels! We have now developed a new variation of our straightening technology that allows us to bring many types of bent motorcycle wheels back to specifications.

Here are a few important things to know about motorcycle rim straightening: (Click on any of the pictures for a larger version.)

  • We use our custom-designed equipment to apply heat and hydraulic pressure to straighten bent rims to within ".03 (three hundreths of an inch) maximum variation in both the radial and axial planes.
  • Straightening motorcycle wheels is somewhat more complex than auto wheels, and generally takes longer. Please allow 2-3 days for us to straighten your wheel.
  • We charge $150 to straighten motorcycle wheels. As with auto wheels, we do not charge for wheels that we cannot repair.
  • Although we straighten motorcycle rims, we are not a motorcycle shop and we have no experience working with the bikes themselves. We are not able to remove the wheel from the motorcycle for you, nor can we mount and balance motorcycle tires. We can only accept wheels dropped-off or shipped for straightening.
  • To drop off or ship a rim to us, first have your wheel removed from the bike and the tire removed from the rim. Have the brake rotors removed from the rim if possible, but do not remove the bearings if there are any.
  • Because of the design and alloy composition of motorcycle rims, it is nearly impossible to apply enough pressure to affect the rim without damaging the cosmetic finish. Although we do the best we can to minimize damage, we cannot guarantee the cosmetic finish of wheels being straightened.
  • Motorcycle rims are much more likely to crack or be seriously weakened by an impact, also due to their design and alloy composition. Weakened wheels may crack during the straightening process. We can often identify weaknesses and bends which are likely to crack before beginning to straighten the rim, and we do our best to notify the customer beforehand, but motorcycle rims can and do crack without warning.
  • Some motorcycles, especially certain BMW and Honda bikes use a "single swing-arm" type of front fork in which the rim is bolted onto the arm rather than having an axle attached to a double fork and passing through the center hub of the rim. We can straighten some of these types of rims, but not others, as the bolt patterns differ and a custom piece must be made for each bolt pattern. Please contact us for more information about straightening single swing-arm rims.
A standard motorcycle rim.
Closeup of center bearings.
"Single swing-arm" type.

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