Our History: The Story of Rim And Wheel Works.

Owner Ina Ames co-founded Rim & Wheel Works with her former business partner, Mark Moran. They built the first machine in the basement of Ina’s house (The neighbors were thrilled!). Mark developed our proprietary straightening process and continues to improve on our technology. The business opened to the public November 7, 1992. We’ve moved several times since, always outgrowing our locations. We moved October 7, 2006 to our present location in Waltham, MA after 14 years in Newton and 9 years at 285 Newtonville Avenue. Our new location has about three times more space than our last.
Originally, all we did was straighten wheels. However, we soon began to stock used wheels to help customers replace the very few wheels we can’t repair. After a while, the demand for reconditioned wheels also led us to both stock reconditioned wheels and develop a national network of high quality reconditioning vendors. We only use a few of the dozens of vendors due to quality control. (Hint: If your vendors don’t give you headaches, your customers won’t give you headaches. It was a wonderful thing to learn!)

We have always been proud of the fact that everything we do saves customers money over a new wheel, as well as the fact that by repairing rims we are recycling and reusing thousands of pounds of aluminum that would otherwise be trashed.

The business has continued to grow steadily since 1991. In addition to straightening and selling wheels, we’ve also branched out into refinishing, welding and high quality tires such as Nokian Hakkapellittas. (Yes, that’s really what they’re called.)

In the spring of 2006 we added Mark’s new motorcycle wheel straightening technology to our repertoire. We have also been a Tire Rack installer for many years, and many of our customers come by just to have our highly trained technicians mount tires on their delicate and expensive rims.

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