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Remember: The life of your car depends on its engine. Your life depends on your wheels, tires and brakes.

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The TPMS law and how it serves you.

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Wheel Straightening Sale & Used Wheel Sale - Just for Our Newsletter Customers now through March 31st

Wheel straightening special:

Its very likely that the freezing and defrosting were currently experiencing is going to wreak havoc with potholes. It means our busy season will probably be very busy. To avoid a crunch, wed like to make an offer we hope you cant refuse. Until March 31st, youll be receiving a break on wheel straightening. The first wheel will be at the normal price. For each additional wheel on an order, youll save $10 off each additional wheel straightened.

What do you do with 1380 used wheels especially when owning them means you have one less needed lift space? How about a used wheel sale?

The sale is simple:

Used wheels: All used wheels are in as is cosmetic condition and trued to factory specifications. You save $40.00 on each wheel bought used trued. The normal cost of used wheels is $135.00 to $150.00 Were starting to list our used wheels on aftermarketwheels.com. So you can check there or email us or call us.

Reconditioning our used wheels special: In addition to the used wheel sale, well recondition any of our painted or machined wheels for you at a discount price. Painted wheels (not hypersilver or custom colors) or Machined wheels that are up to and including 16 wheels are $142.00 and 17 wheels are $152.00 This sale applies only to wheels which are currently in used condition. Our reconditioned stock remains the same price. You need to pay for these wheels at the time you order them. Youll be saving a lot of money and well be getting the space weve badly needed since we moved in for that lift space!

How this works: Since this is a private sale for our newsletter customers only, please let us know that youre calling or emailing about the newsletter sale.

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This info-email is the third in a series of three on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Law, its background and its impact on you.

 TPMS The day to day impact, advantages and disadvantages

As promised, this is the third and final article on the new Tire Pressure Monitoring System law. The major advantage of the law is that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System can save you money, and your life. Even if youre the kind of person who regularly checks your tire pressure, 25% of drivers dont. The new law protects your from accidents caused by other drivers with cars that have low tire pressure. If you remember from the previous newsletters, many of these accidents can be prevented by having sufficient tire pressure so that your braking is properly effective and those accidents that you cant prevent will be milder.

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems is a part of your vehicle that youre going to have to maintain continuously. If you have a set of wheels with snow tires, youll need to either have them move the monitors every time you switch or buy another set. There are still some unanswered questions about the use of the system with aftermarket wheels. Youre going to have to plan extra time for the system reset each time anyone works on your tires and/or wheels. Remember that your system must be reset any time wheels get moved around.

Even with the tire pressure monitoring system, you should check your tire pressure regularly. The system only warns you when your tires are 25% below the pressure stated on the plaque which for most cars is on the drivers door. Pressure loss under 25% can still cause preventable accidents due to less control.

When you come to us or go to a tire dealer to have your wheels or tires serviced, you need to tell your technician that you have a TPM system. Its best to know which type of system your car uses and find out what kind of system is needed to reprogram it. Some of the direct systems can be reprogrammed in the car. Others require a specialized tool. Do be careful about whom you have dismount and mount and balance your tires. Most shops refuse to be responsible for these monitors as they are fragile and this is good business sense. You will have a much better chance of not having it broken if they know its there. Even if you go to the same shop all the time, remind them each time.

Finally, for anything that needs maintenance, there is a cost. People in the industry are still trying to figure how theyll charge for the extra labor required some up to 30 minutes or more. Eventually, there will be a charge, so expect it. Your safety and your life are worth the money and time.

Aftermarketwheels.com is launched and you get to save money!

Im writing this on February 15th and am delighted to announce that aftermarketwheels.com is launched! What is it? Aftermarketwheels.com is your place to buy and sell: Aftermarket wheels, Rare or Stock OEM Wheels, Motorcycle Wheels and Tires as well as being the home of The Directory at Aftermarket Wheels.com - your place to find Aftermarket wheel vendors, Rare OEM vendors; Motorcycle wheel vendors and Tire vendors near you and on the internet so that you can find the wheels you want and price shop!

The only way to get a venture like this going is to get help from friends and customers, so Im making this offer for our newsletter customers only. The normal cost for a listing is $20.00 for a three-month listing. Were starting at $10.00 for a three-month listing so we build momentum. The following offers are again only for our newsletter customers. Two offers: (1)You can list two items for the $10.00 Simply put up the first one and pay and then put up the second one and email me (save but dont pay). Ill put up the second ad for three months. If you only have one listing, you can share with a friend and have him or her receive the free listing. Anyone listing must register first, however. (2). If you belong to a car forum, and put up a complimentary, exciting or intriguing posting about the aftermarketwheels.com, you get one free listing.

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